MicroBattery 3.7V 750mAh IPOD-4

15,60 EUR TVA incl.
ipod 4, Ipod Photo IPOD



MBP1027, 616-0183, 616-0206
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15,60 EUR TVA incl.

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iPod Battery (616-0183 and 616-0206) Removal/Installation Instructions

iPod Battery (616-0183 and 616-0206) Removal/Installation Instructions

The instructions below come with no warranty or guarantee, improper assembly or use of excessive force may result in damage to the parts involved or to your PDA/Mp3 Player. By utilizing these instructions, you agree to hold Online Retail Sales blameless and unaccountable for damages or problems caused by use of these instructions. These instruction require a moderate level of technical ability and proficiency in the use of hand tools, as well as a general understanding of electronic components. Buyer assumes full responsibility for the installation of this replacement battery.

Step 1

Step 2



Using the included screwdriver begin to pry open the side of the case, starting around the area that lines up with ffwd button as shown. Gently twist the screwdriver and pry up the bottom corner closest to the screwdriver.

With the screwdriver wedged inside the case, carefully work your way up to the top of the Ipod, unclipping the case clips as you go.


Step 3





With one side of the case fully unclipped, using your fingers to support the hard drive you can now flip the main section of the Ipod face down. Be carefull not to damage the ribbon cable connected to the back case cover.



Step 4





Using the screwdriver and your fingers, disconnect the power cord connector from the socket. Please pay attention to the original orientation.

Using the included torx wrench, remove the two screws at the end of the main board, next to the power cable.


Step 5

Step 6



Slide the power cable around the main board.



Remember to wrap the power cord back under the motherboard before applying the battery within the case (use the screwdriver to push it back in). Reconnect the hard drive by placing the hard drive connector over the socket in the motherboard and push it in. Verify the connection by gently pulling on the hard drive. Place the hard drive back into position and snap the silver metal case back together. Your new battery is now ready for charging.
Your new battery will need a minimum of three hours of charging before first use.



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