IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO

RGB Gaming Keyboard Red Switches

iogear GKB720RGB-RD. Facteur de forme du clavier: Standard, Style de clavier: Droit, Technologie de connectivité: Avec fil, Interface de l'appareil: USB, Interrupteur à clé de clavier: Clavier mécanique, Disposition des touches du clavier: QWERTY, Nombre de touches du clavier: 104. Type de rétro: LED RGB. Longueur de câble: 1,55 m. Utilisation recommandée: Jouer. Couleur du produit: Noir


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RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Kaliber Gaming's HVER PRO RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard combines the exceptional feel and response of mechanical key switches with a beautiful but rugged aircraft aluminum chassis, per-key RGB backlighting, and a slew of gaming features that put the HVER PRO on par with keyboards selling for nearly twice the price. The HVER PRO is available with your choice of brown or red type mechanical switches so you can choose the keyboard feel that best fits your play style and typing preference. HVER PRO is fully programmable for macro functions, shortcuts, and more with the FREE Kaliber Gaming software that allows you to customize the RGB per-key backlighting to deliver a truly personalized gaming experience.

Full Mechanical Keys

The HVER PRO RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards are available in your choice of brown or red type mechanical switches. Unlike dome or membrane switches, mechanical switches do not need to be fully depressed for proper registration, allowing you to game faster and with less hand fatigue than with traditional keyboards. Red switches (GKB720RGB-RD) are rapidly growing in popularity thanks to their lack of an actuation click. Red switches are even quieter than brown switches and feature a linear design that provides the same smooth, solid feel throughout the full travel of the keystroke. Brown switches (GKB720RGB-BN) are the number one most popular mechanical switch type among gamers. While similar to blue switches, brown switches provide a less pronounced tactile bump and a slightly less audible click when pressed making them both quieter and requiring less actuation force.

All NKRO/Anti-Ghosting Keys

With a complete Anti-Ghosting design which is more accurately referred to as full N-Key Rollover (NKRO), the HVER PRO ensures that every keystroke in any key combination will be registered. Play with confidence knowing your keyboard will not hold you back!

Fully Programmable Keys

HVER PRO's fully programmable keys let you create macro functions (a series of keystrokes with only a single press), shortcuts, hotkeys, and much more with the help of the FREE Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO software. While key programming provides gamers with quick in-game tools for common commands such as casting spells, they are also great for simplifying life outside of gaming for simple text shortcuts or executing multi-key commands.

Double Injected Keycaps

The HVER PRO's double injected keycaps will last the life of the keyboard without ever wearing off. The double injection process means the characters on the face of each key are injection molded as part of the key for longevity, not merely printed on top.

Premium Gaming Features

The HVER PRO has a Windows key lock function to prevent accidentally entering menus while gaming, and an All-Key lock that prevents unwanted keystrokes when you have to make a run to the fridge. For left-handed gamers, the W, A, S, D and arrow key functions can be swapped so that both hands can be at an optimal gaming position. The heavy weighted base of the keyboard also increases stability while gaming, to prevent slippage.

RGB Per-Key Backlighting With 18 Lighting Patterns

The HVER PRO Gaming Keyboard offers full RGB per-key illumination with 18 different LED lighting patterns that act as a moving light show for when it's time to add a little 'cool factor' to your gaming experience. The DIY lighting mode allows easy custom lighting layouts without special software, and the free Kaliber Gaming software adds even more lighting customization for those that want to take it a bit farther.

Pair It With Keymander To Destroy The Competition

Are you a console gamer? Did you know that instead of the joystick controllers you can use a keyboard and mouse with most games by connecting through an adapter like IOGEAR's KeyMander? Using the HVER PRO with KeyMander offers an incredible gaming experience on your PS4, PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360 that simply cannot be matched with a standard controller. Precision aiming, faster targeting and easier movement while shooting are just a few of the reasons computer gamers have always had an advantage over console gamers. Experience the difference with Keymander!

*Les informations ci-dessus sont fournies par IceCat - EET ne peut être tenu responsable d'éventuelles erreurs dans les images, descriptions et spécifications.
Interface de l'appareilUSB
Utilisation recommandéeJouer
Interrupteur à clé de clavierClavier mécanique
Disposition des touches du clavierQWERTY
Technologie de connectivitéAvec fil
Facteur de forme du clavierStandard
Style de clavierDroit
Dispositif de pointage
Concentrateur USB
Lecteur d'empreintes digitales
Pavé numérique
Nombre de touches du clavier104
Touches directes
Touches de raccourci programmables
Touches Windows
Base antidérapante
RetournementRoulement de la touche N
Couleur du produitNoir
MatérielAcrylonitrile-Butadiène-Styrène (ABS), Aluminium
Type de rétroLED RGB
Couleur de BacklightMulticolore
Rétroéclairage ajustable
Longueur de câble1,55 m
Souris incluse
Configuration minimale du système
Prise en charge du système d'exploitation WindowsWindows 10,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 8.1,Windows Vista
Conditions environnementales
Température d'opération-20 - 65 °C
Température hors fonctionnement-20 - 65 °C
Taux d'humidité de fonctionnement8 - 90%
Informations sur l'emballage
Guide de démarrage rapide
Poids et dimensions
Dimensions du clavier (LxPxH)468 x 180 x 30 mm
Poids du clavier1,04 kg
Informations sur l'emballage
Largeur du colis502 mm
Profondeur du colis209 mm
Hauteur du colis47 mm
Poids de tare de l'emballage1,29 kg
Données logistiques
Largeur du carton principal31,8 cm
Longueur du carton principal52,7 cm
Hauteur du carton principal24,1 cm
Poids du carton principal8,3 kg
Quantité par carton principal6 pièce(s)
Information Additionnelle
Garantie1 Année
*Les informations ci-dessus sont fournies par IceCat - EET ne peut être tenu responsable d'éventuelles erreurs dans les images, descriptions et spécifications.
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